"How To Write An Entire Sales Letter
From Scratch Using A 10-Step Proven
Template... Even If You Have Never
Written Any Sales Copy Before!"

…Works Regardless What Product
You Want to Sell…

Jack Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

From: Jack Sarlo

Dear Friend,

Do you want to discover my jealously-guarded secret to
write a “killer” sales letter in the quickest and easiest
way possible?

I bet you do…

So let me share with you this secret, right now on this page…

But first keep in mind that…

A well written sales letter will sell ANY product as long as you have a good product!

You write it once, put it on your website and like the most hardworking salesperson in the world it will do all the selling for you!

The problem is that…

Writing A Sales Letter Can Be
Brutal, Frustrating, Time-
Consuming, Energy-Draining
And Mind-Wrecking…!

It’s really hard and painful to try and write a sales letter if you’re clueless about what you should write or how to structure the sales letter…

…you’ll keep chasing your own tail no matter how hard you try!

I used to spend hours staring in front of a computer screen, trying hard to find words to write for a sales letter!

Did that happened to you before?

Your mind goes blank, you have no idea where to even begin.

Clueless. Helpless.

Does any of this sound familiar to you:

You don't know how to structure a sales letter, where do you put the benefits? When do you introduce the product? What do you write before or after that?

You don't have a proven step-by-step template that can help you write an entire sales letter from start to finish!

You don't know what to write to persuade and convince someone to actually buy your product!

If the answer is Yes there's
a Solution That Will solve
All those challenges
once and for all!

How is that possible?

Those were my exact problems too, until by chance I discovered something interesting, that changed everything!

The story goes on like this…

Years ago I stumbled upon a very simple, straightforward and successful 10 step template. All you have to do is follow it step-by-step and you’ll write a top-notch sales letter.

 It was all explained in a quick 5 minute Youtube video – by some copywriter!

Since it was just a 5 minute long video it was not explained in detail…

Yet still, after trying it, I can tell it really works! I’ve sold a lot of products thanks to my sales letters and almost all of them follow “religiously” this 10 step template!

That’s my jealously guarded secret.

After a bit more research I discovered that many of the best copywriters utilize this exact same template to write their masterpieces.

This means this template is time-tested and 100% proven to work… it’s NOT something I dreamt up last night. Whoever knows about and uses this template can write a sales letter that can sell pretty much anything!

You can use it to write a “killer” sales letter to sell any product or service you want in any niche.

And it doesn’t matter if you want to write ONE or a HUNDRED sales letters, they can all follow this template… For the untrained eye they will look completely different from each other.

With this template you can write a winning sales letter to sell…

Info products in digital format for example ebooks,
software, audio programs and memberships

Info products in physical format for example home
study courses, DVD's, CD's, books and physical

Real tangible physical products

Services like coaching

And your new sales letter can be used…

On your website to sell any product or service

Mailed out to prospects or customers to sell
products or services via direct mail

For the one time offer or upsell pages in your
sales funnels

As the script for a Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Furthermore, this template is flexible enough so that if you want you can tweak it a bit to create different variations of it. Therefore you don’t necessarily have to use it as it is, feel free to experiment and test!

You can get hold of this 10-step sales letter template in this brand spanking new ebook… so you can master the number one most important skill of any Internet Marketer… the ability to write “killer” sales letters!

…and as you shall see this template will also save you a lot of time and money!


Straight Talk On The…

Perfect Sales Letter Template

10 Step Proven Formula To
Write A Killer Sales Letter!

When I want to write a “killer” sales letter I just follow the 10 steps in this template.

You just start from Step 1, follow the instructions to write the copy, then do the same for Step 2, all the way to Step 10. And soon enough you’ll have a brand new sales letter that’s ready to sell any product or service like hotcakes.

It can’t get any simpler than that!

Each step of the template contains complete and crystal clear instructions about what and how to write the copy…

And you’ll ALSO see two actual examples for each step!

One example is for a physical product, an anti acne cream, the other example is for an Info product, an ebook on how to grow splendid orchids.

It’s quick and easy to understand.

There’s nothing complicated. There are no theories you have to understand, there’s no guesswork involved…

But way before the 10 step-by-step template and exactly on Page 11, you’ll discover something that’s of extreme importance to the success of any sales letter!

It’s an optional method, you don’t have to use it to craft a great sales letter, but it will enable you to write each step of the template much better, faster and easier!

You’ll tell your prospects exactly what they want to hear… the result is that your sales letter will feel very personal and you’ll win their trust!

When you win their trust they’ll gladly rip open their wallets, take their credit card out and buy your product!

You’ll also know what to talk about in your sales letter to trigger your prospect’s interest and create intense desire for your product!

And I show you how to use this method… with screenshots and an actual example for an anti acne product!

So can you guess what’s the first step of the template?

If you flip over to Page 28, you’ll find the answer…

It’s all about writing an eye-grabbing, attention-seeking
headline that generates a strong desire and interest to start reading the sales letter!

That is the main goal of the headline…

I’ll show you how to write a compelling headline, including 10 different headline writing tricks!

The next step is split into 4 parts, and each part contains actual examples so it’s super easy to understand.

In this step you’ll know precisely how to write the first few paragraphs of your sales letter like a master… Your prospects will feel a rush of excitement as they read your opening. They’ll be practically forced to stop everything they’re doing and read every word of your sales letter!

You’ll build a strong connection with them and you’ll gain their trust!

You’ll also know what to tell them (and you’ll see actual examples) so they’ll feel guilt and regret if they even think about NOT reading the rest of your sales letter!

And you’ll know how to use other powerful motivators to keep their eyes “glued” to your sales letter, excitingly reading every word and sentence you write!

In another step of the template you’ll find 19 ways to achieve instant credibility… which is another KEY to earn their trust and their money!

Even if you think you don’t have any credibility I’ll show you a way to use a story or an experience as credibility…

And even if you don’t want to write a story or share an experience you can skip this step entirely and you’ll still craft a powerful sales letter!

In an important step you’ll discover the right way to present your product.

You’ll know perfectly what to write to convince them it’s a divine solution, the “magic pill” they’ve been looking for that will transform their lives! They’ll start to feel a deep desire to buy your product.

And there’s something very specific you need to mention in this step.

In step number five of the template you’ll have the KEY to outwit your competitors.

I’ll reveal a specific technique that will place your product on a pedestal. You’ll showcase your product’s real and immense value in full glory. It will outshine any any other product in the market.

Your prospects will be moved by its potential to solve their problems… and their desire to buy it will increase!

Ideally you need to give 3 free bonuses with your product to increase the overall value. I’ll show you how to present each bonus product and write the copy for this step the right way.

Plus 5 type of products that work very well as bonuses AND a simple free trick to get unlimited hot ideas for bonus products.

You’ll have to mention the price of your product in step 7.

I’ll give you two particular techniques, in complete detail, that you can use to increase the perceived value of your product and make the price look unquestionable low!

These are the ‘strike-through’ and the ‘sum of all bonuses’ techniques and for this step you can simple copy & paste my actual examples!

You need to give them a really good reason to buy your product right away.

This is the ‘call to action’ step and you’ll find two more techniques with several examples to complete this step in no time!

By the end of your sales letter your prospect will be credit card in hand, ready-to-buy… barely containing their excitement and enthusiasm.. and the call to action you’ll write will close one sale after another like clockwork!

That’s just a glimpse of some of the steps of the template.

And that’s not all…

In fact after all the 10 steps of the template you’ll get hold of several other techniques that will boost the effectiveness of your sales letter!

For instance:

Each of the 10 steps is loaded with copywriting tips and tricks so you’ll write “killer” copy like a pro!

In the final chapter you’ll find a summary of all those tips and trick as an easy and valuable reference. As well as a summary of all the 10 steps of the template!

For example…

Apart from the sales letter template and all the copywriting tips and tricks you’ll also uncover 3 methods to jumpstart your ability to write order-pulling sales letters.

The “secret” method used by professional copywriters that can help you write each step of the template 10X faster and better!

This is the KEY to take your copywriting skill to the next level almost overnight!

2 more fun and easy shortcuts you can use to start writing irresistible sales letters right away…

You won’t have to spend months or years practicing in order to write a decent sales letter!

All of this will allow you to write an entire sales letter even if you’ve never tried to write one before… and even if you know absolutely nothing about copywriting!

You’ll be able to write an irresistible sales letter just be following an easy, step by step, proven and time-tested sales letter template.

The sales letter will be complete and ready-to-go!

Put it on your website, drive traffic and let it work its magic!

"You'll Own The Skills You Need..."

“The art of writing the marketing message is called copywriting. It’s known as “salesmanship in print”.

Every entrepreneur must have a familiarity with the art so they can recognize whether a sales letter will, or will not, work when it’s presented to his prospects.

Jack Sarlo’s Straight Talk on The Perfect Sales Letter Template will give you the knowledge you need to recognize if a letter is viable. And, after studying the template, you’ll own the skills you need for laying out a workable marketing message yourself.”

Joe Jackson
Free Spirit Enterprises LLC

But you will also get…

3 FREE Bonuses
Valued At $135.95

All of these bonuses work hand in hand with the sales letter template to guarantee you’ll manage to understand and use it to write a complete sales letter!

The third bonus is worth at least $77.

Let’s take a look…

The Perfect Sales Letter
Template Software

(Valued at $39)

This software is specifically designed so it’s super-simple to write your sales letter following the 10-step sales letter template in the ebook!

You just click on Step 1, follow the instructions (the same you’ll find in the template) and if you want you can write the copy directly in the software!

Then click Next, to go to Step 2, read the instructions and write the copy in the text boxes… and by the time you reach Step 10 you’ll have a finished sales letter ready to catapult your sales!

You can Save or Export it in rich text format (.rtf).

With this software even if you actually hate writing, you’ll still manage to write a first-class sales letter!

I can easily sell this software for $39 but when you download “The Perfect Sales Letter Template”, you’ll get it 100% free as a bonus.

The Perfect Sales Letter
Template Mind Maps

(Valued at $19.95)

All 10 steps of the sales letter template, and their complete instructions have been transformed into 3 easy to read mind maps. An easy reference. A bird’s-eye view of the entire template.

They will save you the time, hassle and unnecessary effort of note-taking when reading “The Perfect Sales Letter Template”.

And you won’t have to reread it whenever you need to write a sales letter. Just take a simple glance at these mind maps.

The Perfect Sales Letter
Template Videos

(Valued at $77)

It’s a scientific fact that repetition is the key to effective learning and knowledge retention!

That’s the reason I want you to have these 4 videos as well. They will repeat, expand and elaborate on the fundamental sales letter writing tips, tricks and ideas I share with you in the ebook! Accompanied with actual examples….

I hold nothing back. The ebook plus these videos will give you literally everything you need in order to write a spellbinding sales letter!

Here’s a quick look…

Each video is approximately an hour long, and you’ll also get the powerpoint slides.

This is a complete course that lays out a formula to write a five-star sales letter. I can easily sell this advanced training for $77…

But I want to be 100% certain you’ll manage to write a “killer” sales letter once you download “The Perfect Sales Letter Template”… so I’ll give you this additional bonus as well, for free!

The sales letter template and these free bonuses will save you a lot of TIME and MONEY!

Let me explain what I mean.

The Costly Truth About
Hiring A Copywriter

You cannot simply outsource copywriting like you outsource customer support or graphic design… at least not until you afford to spend a lot of money!

You’ll be asking for trouble if you hire someone for less than $1000. And even at that price, to find a really good copywriter is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I’ve heard many bad stories, the most recent from a very successful marketer who wasted nearly $20,000 on copywriters who delivered bad copy that did not work.

The really good copywriters charge thousands of dollars for a single sales letter.

The bottom line is that hiring a copywriter can cost you a lot of time and money and you’re not guaranteed results (unless you pay a real professional thousands of dollars)!

Now compare those costs with just $69.95 $29.95 for “The Perfect Sales Letter Template”. You’ll possess the most important Internet Marketing skill. You’ll be able to put together “magnetic” sales letters on demand, without paying any copywriter huge fees.

And it’s backed up with my…

60 Day Risk-Free
Money Back Guarantee!

Download ‘The Perfect Sales letter Template’ and if you are dissatisfied in any way shape or form send me an email for a complete refund!

Maybe you don’t like it, or maybe you don’t manage to write a “killer” sales letter, or for whatever other reason it doesn’t work out well for you, you’ll get your money back!

In this way you’re risking absolutely nothing.

You’re getting the sales letter template for a discounted one time investment of $29.95. Just one sale from the sales letter you’ll craft will pay off the price of this many times over.

Invest $29.95 once and you’ll own an invaluable skill forever!

Download ‘The Perfect Sales Letter Template’ right away…

Follow the 10 steps one after the other and you’ll be able to write your own “killer” sales letter… as fast as humanly possible!

Grab this sales letter template and all 3 bonuses for just $29.95, for a limited time until I decide to charge the regular price of $69.95.

You’ll be glad you have a copy of this complete 10 step sales letter template whenever you need a sales letter!


Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

To recap, you’re going to get a complete step by step, proven and time-tested template to write a “killer” sales letter… plus 3 FREE bonuses valued at $135.95 for just $69.95 $29.95… If you check back later the price will probably go up… so claim your copy right now!

This 10 step sales letter template can be used to write a professional-quality sales letter to sell any product or service in any niche… even if you’ve never tried to write a sales letter before.

Just follow the simple and easy instructions in each step and you’ll have your own sales letter up and running in no time. You can use it to write one or one hundred sales letters, it will work 100% all the time!

If for whatever reason you don’t like this sales letter template, we’ll refund you the small $29.95 fee, and you can keep the FREE bonuses.

The Perfect Sales Letter Template

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